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When we think of the impact cars have on the environment, we often consider the gas they guzzle and the emissions they create. But these modern forms of transportation also produce another environmental toll: old tires. “Scrap tires are thrown all over the corners of our country, and there are people who burn them in […]


Kalkidan Lakew knows it’s not easy for women in Ethiopia to pursue entrepreneurship. “Business in Ethiopia is dominated by men, especially business that requires risk-taking. Startup businesses are left to men while small-scale and other informal business types are seen as being a woman’s domain,” says Kalkidan. The research supports her. In 2012, Ethiopia ranked […]


When Dargie Haile Molla was in the final year of his chemical engineering studies at Bahir Dar University of Technology, his teacher set a challenge for him and his classmates: create a business project that could be easily implemented, and the teacher would cover the costs of a new graduation outfit. This contest was on […]


Women in Ethiopia face many barriers to becoming entrepreneurs. They often have less education than men, can face discrimination, and are less likely to own assets like a house or land, so it can be harder for them to find collateral for a loan to establish or expand a business. For these reasons, women entrepreneurs […]


Benyam Lalago knows it is all too easy for trash to pile up. Papers become clutter, old clothes are stashed in the back of closets, plastic refuse takes over space. When Benyam looks at trash, he sees something different from most people: he sees treasure. He sees opportunity. He sees the beginning of his journey […]


Like many Ethiopians, Bikyalech Ermias moved from a small village to the city in search of a better future. She received

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